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Dental Braces Advice From India’s leading Orthodontist
– as reported in Hindustan Times, June 2001

“Five Facts About Advancement In Dental Braces”

1. Smaller, Neater Designs:

Thanks to modern technology, braces are much smaller in size & look neater these days. Children can go for exciting colourful braces too.

2. Transparent Look:

If you are uncomfortable about the sight of braces on your teeth, ask for transparent ones. Braces to match the exact colour of your teeth can also be obtained.

3. Choose A Facility That Works:

Orthodontists these days would advise you about several new kinds of braces. The best is to go for ones that have tooth-moving facilities. These ensure quicker treatment.

4. Painless Procedure:

Don’t let your orthodontist use painful methods-they are obsolete now. Modern mechanics enable the movement of teeth in a more gentle & precise fashion.

5. Check The Wires:

Ask for super-elastic wires for the braces. These have “shape memory” and are also active for a longer period. Precision in shaping your teeth apart, they’ll see you visiting the orthodontist less often.

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